Friday, July 22, 2011

Some Idea While Buying Pop The Question Ring

Metal is relevant too:
Finally, you will have to choose the metal that the band is made up of. In contrast to earlier times, there are now different types of metals which can be used in engagement rings. The more popular options include tungsten carbide, yellow gold, white gold and platinum.

Herein, you will not only be considering the aesthetic side of the pop the question ring but also the financial side of it. For aesthetics, you will have to evaluate what kind of metal your girlfriend likes along with the relation between the color of the stone and the metal. Financially speaking, some metals are more expensive than others. For example, tungsten is one of the more and more popular  metals in the world. Therefore, your choice of metal will also play a major role in how much you spend.
Colors in terms of  Tungsten:
Almost every man knows that colors matter to women but most do not know that, when it comes to tungsten, the color is going to have an influence on their pockets. The most desirable tungsten carbide ring in the world are, of course, colorless. However, you would find it quite difficult to buy self-colored tungsten rings because they cost mini fortunes. Therefore, you would have to give up on colorless tungsten steel ring and focus more on colored tungsten ring that match your beloved's preferences.

The all important setting:
Diamonds rely heavily on the way they are set. In fact, a poor setting can lead to a high quality diamond looking like a dud while a well chosen setting can make even a cheap diamond look like a charm. The setting you choose should be able to let through light which will help the diamond shine and show itself to the best of its abilities.
If you follow the above mentioned four tips on choosing the perfect engagement ring then there is no reason why your soon to be wife will not be wowed by your wonderful and appropriate choice.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

GMA' Brings Skydiving Proposal to Life

How far would you go to propose marriage to the love of your life? Write it across the sky? Shout it from the highest mountaintop? Modern-day Romeos keep upping the ante, coming up with memorable ways to pop the question -- from flash mobs to crossword puzzles, hidden in movie trailers, TV commercials and more.

"Good Morning America" put a call out to adventurous romantics to submit their ideas for an extreme proposal and extreme wedding as part of the "Extreme Love" contest. Hundreds of entries poured in, but one submission stood out.
"It has been four years since we were supposed to skydive, and we still haven't gone," 27-year-old Kyle Monroe of Carbondale wrote to "GMA." "I'm sure that your staff has received several proposals that include skydiving, but this adventure has significance in our relationship. I think that after five years, Liz won't care how I ask her. I'm finally ready to propose."
"Good Morning America" came in and helped bring Monroe's extreme skydiving proposal to life on May 21, 2011.
Monroe told his girlfriend Navitsky that they were finally taking that sky diving trip, but kept the proposal part a secret. "GMA" set it up and came with cameras, which Navitsky was told were filming a promotional video for the skydiving company.

Taking the ultimate leap of faith, Monroe and Navitsky jumped from 15,000 feet above the earth. As Navitsky landed, she saw the question she'd been waiting for: "Marry Me, Liz?"
"I was just ecstatic. I was like, 'Get me down there. I was to get down there,'" she said. "I was so excited."
The extreme surprises weren't over yet for Navitsky. Monroe lead his lucky bride to a gathering with their family and friend.
Now the couple is dreaming up an extreme way to walk down the aisle.
"We're both kind of adrenaline junkies," Navitsky said. "We've chatted about a destination wedding and doing something extreme while we're there, like bungee jumping."

Definitely Love Replacement Lost My Wedding Bands

I lost my ceramic wedding ring while out on New Years Eve. Found a replacement on for much less than I paid for the original. I unfortunately ordered the wrong size. No problems with the return and replacement order. Would definitely order from ringsmall again, just hope it's not because I lose another tungsten ring!

The only problem I had is the sizes seem to be a off a bit. I'm typically a 9.75 and can sometimes where a 10. I ordered a 9.5. It was way too big, and I had to go down to a 9. Wearing a 9 seems weird, considering I wear 10s, but the new one I got in the mail fits, but is just slightly loose. I imagine an 8.75 would be perfect. This is weird though, since 9.75 is normally my perfect size, and this scale is telling me an 8.75 would be my perfect size. This 9 feels like a nice 10 to me. The ring sizes seem to be off by one whole size, as you can see.
The unusual carbide ring itself is great. I like tungsten carbide rings for their durability and style, and I like the fact that it is virtually scratch proof. I like the brushed design of this one, with the polished edges. I had one that was just the opposite, brushed at the edges and polished in the middle, but the polished surface smudged too easily and I found myself constantly cleaning it. On the brushed surface, however, it is very difficult to see dirt and fingerprints, so it always looks good.

This tungsten wedding ring is exactly what I was expecting. If anything, it's a little larger than my other ceramic mens ring, which is a 10 also, but close enough that it fits fine. It's heavy, like every tungsten steel ring. I got this as a backup to my main wedding ring (white gold) so that I can wear it camping, climbing, or wherever and not worry about scratching it. It definitely does not scratch. I haven't been nice to it already, and it looks brand new still.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Black Noblest Rings - Tungsten Carbide Steel

So I lost my original platinum wedding band that I paid over $1000 for. I needed a cheap and quick replacement for the holidays with the in-laws. I was so please with the style and price of this tungsten ring, I just wish I would have found this one before I got married.
Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest metals on the planet, making it almost scratch proof. I wish I could have said the same for my platinum one. This is a large size tungsten ring, and somewhat heavy.

I took me a week or so to really get used to it, but once it "broke in" its really comfortable. Take it from me, unless you really want to spend the extra cash on a gold or ceramic wedding band I would just purchase this one, if you loose it, so what; your only out 20 bucks!
I just received this new style tungsten ring. I previously owned a white gold band and lost it. I bought this to hold me over until I could afford another one. Unless over time this black noblest tungsten ring changes considerably, I will not need to replace for a more expensive one. This unusual tungsten ring is perfect. It matches my platinum diamond perfect. I can not tell the differnce. I did however order a 1/2 size smaller after reading all the reviews. It fits without falling off but I probably should get even another 1/2 size smaller.

Over all this is worth it. Even it the engravable tungsten rings changes color becomes stratched or what not, I probably will just buy another in expensive one to replace it. I am very hard on my hands (I live on a farm), so I don't really have to be to cautious about damaging it. This is one satisfied customer. Thank you!!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lost Wedding Ring Are Tungsten Rings Magnetic?

I want a Tungsten engagement ring when I get engaged. If my SO was dead set against it, I wouldn't force him to get me one, however. I want one mainly out of tradition, it's something I would plan on wearing for the rest of my life.
In my current relationship, putting away money for a womens tungsten carbide promise ring isn't going to mean the difference between paying rent or not. If that's the issue for you, then your girlfriend should understand and accept that you genuinely can't afford a tungsten ring. I'm kind of with feralkitten on this one, how many things do you spend money on that she thinks is a waste of money, or vice versa?
Tungsten carbide Rings Magnetic

If she absolutely refuses to marry you unless you get a ring, and you refuse to spend the money on one (unless it's for moral reasons or whatever), then that's an issue that you need to two need to discuss.
So anyway, yes, I do want a diamond engagement ring, mainly for tradition. I have a pretty traditional family and friends and I don't think I know of any of them who have gotten engaged without a engraved tungsten ring.
I just think that in the current position we're both (speaking hypothetically about my bf, but we haven't really talked marriage), the money that's spent now isn't going to be make or break in the long run. But like I said, it would never be a dealbreaker for me. If my SO absolutely insisted against a tungsten ring, I would have to accept it.
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

My simple black tungsten wedding bands

I love this tungsten ring! Tungsten Carbide is the new metal of the future. It shines, and looks so good on your finger, i can't imagine buying any other for a simple tungsten wedding band. The love of my life's eyes popped open wide when i walked out of the UPS store with this shineing on my finger.I ordered it on 3/31/2011 at 6:00 PM, and it arrived in Monterey on 4/4/2011 at 12:00 noon. The fit and finnish on this product is flawless! I examined it with my 10X loupe and couldn't the slightest flaw, or varience at all.

The "Tungsten steel" etching, or laser inscription on the inside looks classy, and is as clean as if it was on a $1000.00 Platitnum band. Anyway it's perfect, and nearly indstructable, as the One black tungsten mens Ring was, or at least i would have to cast into the fires of Mount Doom to melt it. If you don't believe me go check out sawblades, and drill bits that can cut through anything, and imagine wearing that kind of power, polished, shineing on your finger. It complements well with my Omega Seamaster stainless dive watch. They look so good together, i will never need to take it off.

I came across this tungsten ring gem inlay by accident but am very glad I did! I got this ring because my boyfriend really loves celtic knotwork and is a big fan if dragons to boot. It looked amazing in the picture online but when I got it in person I did notice that the background color shown in the picture is somewhat darker than in person (but does not look blue to me as some have written in their reviews).

The picture also makes the ring look like you could touch the inlay. In person the background is lighter, and the inlay is under a cover that makes it look like you're seeing the dragon design like you would see a trophy or tungsten jewelry in a glass case. Preserved and carefully shown off to display all its beauty.

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